Our Experience

The giant leap forward occurred in 2020, when Activeplan founder, George Stevenson, was asked to become Chair of a voluntary organization, BIM4Housing. Joined by Richard Freer, as Director, an ethos and a methodology evolved that attracted the participation of more than 300 industry experts, representing more than 200 companies across the gamut of the Construction Industry.

In 2021, George was asked to join the Golden Thread Initiative, a group of industry leaders that was asked to advise the Government on what information was required to satisfy the new Building Regulator. This work aligned with what was being done in BIM4Housing and provided a useful adjunct to the structures George and Richard had already put in place.

Six stakeholder Working Groups identified issues to be addressed by specialist Workstreams, made-up of members of all working groups.

The Fire Safety Workstream has held 30 Roundtable events and produced 13 pieces of Industry Guidance.

This represents an unprecedented level of collaborative working and knowledge exchange, the experience of which will inform BIW Foundations moving forward.