Information is Data with Focus and Context

"As the Construction Industry moves from the rule of contract to the rule of regulation, high quality information is not just a desirable option, but a legal requirement and a functional imperative. At the Building Information Warehouse that imperative is driven by a passion powered by experience and expertise. We untangle the complexity and deliver a unique, yet simple, solution that can be used across all software applications by all stakeholders."

George Stevenson
Chairman Building Information Warehouse
Chairman BIM4Housing UK
CEO Activeplan

Smoothing the transition of Construction to a Regulated Industry,
we future-proof against retrospective legislation

Offering straightforward solutions to complex issues, such as carbon footprint and fire safety

Enabling the creation of an interoperable, software agnostic information ecosystem

For operational effectiveness, safety, energy consumption and reporting on embodied and operational carbon, building owners and landlords need to know exactly what is in their building plus:

  • how everything was installed
  • how everything is maintained
  • how everything will be replaced/recycled

As the Construction Industry swiftly moves from being governed by contract to being governed by regulation, having this knowledge becomes a legal requirement.

Right now, we have too much data, but it is raw data. We don’t simply need data, we need information. This raw data is not information, since it is not utilisable.

For data to be machine-readable, re-usable and updateable it must be standardised.

Delivering this level of information is very complex; made worse as individual companies try to put together their own individual solutions. Aside from masses of unnecessary duplication, each approach will vary, each definition and terminology will be different. Coherent communication and usage will be impossible. That way madness lies.

Our unique solution brings together tried and tested methodology and proven technology. Our people will define and gather the required data, which we will refine and productise for use across multiple software applications. The intractable problem of language is solved.

Under BIW Chairman, George Stevenson's leadership, Activeplan has already built and successfully implemented applications to support the seismic changes that will affect the Property and Construction Industries, both in terms of safety and carbon reduction – so we have a solid base to grow from.