Our Experience

Under BIW Chairman, George Stevenson's leadership, Activeplan has already built and successfully implemented applications to support the seismic changes that will affect the Property and Construction Industries, both in terms of safety and carbon reduction – so we have a solid base to grow from.

We have also built data libraries that transform basic asset data into structured, reusable, machine-readable objects – what we call AP SmartData.
This is a game-changing USP from Activeplan.

Normally data is created and stored in individual software applications, in a form defined by individual customers of those applications. This means exchanging data is very problematic, requiring manual interventions.

AP SmartData overcomes this by managing all of the non-geometric data, as standardised objects, in MS SQLServer and providing dynamic connectors (APIs) for any software applications.

This is the culmination of 20+ years R&D, taking a very different approach to data management – and we are now in a position to apply that to deliver the ecosystem that is required to support the new, Regulated, environment.

ESG Reporting and reducing carbon

Funders are already looking for figures on embodied and operational carbon as a part of their investment decision. With studies showing that more that 50% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from property and construction, we are now utilising the same methodology we established for fire safety, to collect the information required to inform decisions on carbon reporting and, more importantly, carbon reduction.

So, we can use the legislative threats to record what is installed in buildings to answer the much bigger risk of climate change.

We have worked with BRE, building on the results of a large materials recycling research project, BAMB (Buildings as a Material Bank), which seeks to put a carbon value on the materials in existing buildings.

We have helped establish www.zeroconstruct.com, an international membership organisation of passionate individuals working collaboratively to reduce CO2 in construction.

We are now bringing some of these experts into the BAMB initiative.