IceFire Scholarship

The IceFire Initiative brings together new young talent and new young businesses.

New young talent
Arafat Mia, will get his education paid and intensive training in web development and graphic design

New young businesses
Get an affordable and effective start

Affordable because costs are not inflated by third parties. Your payment goes directly to our specialists.

Effective because their success depends on your success

If you have a good business idea and we like it, we will make you a start-up web site for cost, with no hosting fees.

Arafat Mia had the passion and belief to win an IceFire Initiative Scholarship. Have you the passion and belief to make your business dream a reality? Yes

Director Pervez Hasan welcomes Arafat Mia to our Rangpur office

Arafat Mia is the first recipient of The IceFire Scholarship. He is a gifted young man and is already proving to be an asset to our team.

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