For New Business

For New Business

The IceFire Initiative invests in new business. We give time, and sometimes money, to help ideas become exciting new businesses. We create web sites, provide hosting, marketing advice and promotion. We have sponsored businesses in Africa, Europe and Bengal.
Now we are launching in Ukraine.

If you are thinking to start a new business anywhere in the world. Maybe we can help.

New Business Support - Kyiv, Ukraine

IceFire's dedicated representative in Kyiv offers new businesses free web sites and hosting, some marketing help and promotion to follow. It's a tiny drop in a huge ocean, but maybe brings the possibility of a future to some who hardly dare hope.

Mango Zone - Rangpur, Bangladesh

The IceFire Initiative is funding a new young mango business, employing 45 people during mango season.

Kita House - Abidjan, Ivory Coast

A new business in unique African design and textiles, funded by the IceFire Initiative.

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Phone number : +44 203 286 5267
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